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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Originally uploaded by neefer.
A few years ago, my mother was taking landscaping classes at a local junior college. They have sales to raise money for the department, and I bought this iris at one of them. It's a native California iris; I forget the name. Supposedly, it does well in deep shade and needs to be protected from the sun. I bought it to go under an enormous cedar tree in our front yard. We cut down the cedar tree 5.5 years ago. The iris survived the turmoil of the tree removal and has flourished in the HOT full sun of my front yard. Go figure.

DH's sweatshirt is all together. I decided the seams needed reinforcing with the sewing machine. There were too many skipped stitches. It is terribly thick fabric, the double faced windpro. The serger just isn't up to the job.

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Written by Neefer at 4:04 PM